Alumni Basic Information

After completion of RHEMA Bible Training Center each graduate becomes a part of (RAA – RHEMA Alumni Association). Presently there are approximately 1200 graduates in Europe who are active in many different areas of the Body of Christ.

Personal contact with our graduates after their time in Bible School is very important to us. Every graduate is allowed to attend RBTC classes any time they would like to. Each year we hold special alumni meetings, in different places and nations.

Also RHEMA Bible Training Center offers various seminars for further education. We are also available to give advice if a graduate should encounter any difficulties or would like to have assistance.


The graduates of RBTC can get ordained; the earliest opportunity would be after two years of full-time preaching ministry and with the recommendation of RHEMA. Through ordination they become a member of RHEMA Ministerial Association International.

You may visit the alumni site from RHEMA USA by clicking here