Advanced Training

During the Advanced Training the students will receive more practical information to help equip them for basic areas of ministry (such as youth and children’s ministry, pastoral work, teaching, and supportive ministry), with a strong emphasis on leadership training.

The Emphasis at the Advanced Level is on the training for ministry (Eph. 4:11; 1 Cor. 12:28) and on the preparation for spiritual leadership. After the successful completion of this level of training, the students will receive a diploma from RHEMA Bible Training Center.

To graduate requirements include: attending all class hours, successful completion of the written assignments and tests, reading material, as well the completion of the practicum.

Upon graduation, the graduate will become a member of the Alumni.

After the basic and advanced trainings have been completed and the graduate is ready for ordination, then RMAI (RHEMA Ministerial Association International) is the next step. Here you can find more information on RMAI.

Advanced Training Courses

Biblical Keys to Divine Healing

An overview of foundational, biblical methods on how to receive and to minister healing. The importance of working together with God in this area.

Biblical Perspectives of Supportive Ministry

The importance of the ministry of helps from a biblical perspective, which leads to effective service in the Kingdom of God.

Church Pioneering

Gives an overview of the important requirements for the spiritual and practical side of church pioneering (development of a vision and a plan).

Effective Ministry

Confrontation with real life situations, from areas like: counseling, visitation and pastoral work.

Gospel of John

We look at the Gospel of John and explain how the content can be applied in our daily life.


Learning the “art and the science of preaching.“ This includes how to prepare a sermon outline, as well as verbal and non-verbal communication.

Introduction to Children’s Ministry

An overview on how to teach individual age groups, how to work with volunteers, how to plan and hold larger meetings with children.

Introduction to World Missions

This course gives an overview on the subject of missions and shows how important world missions are in our day and age.

Pastoral Care

Biblical ways to deal with different life situations such as, death, marriage, divorce and remarriage.

Principles Learning and Teaching

We will discuss six principles that are necessary to use when teaching and training others.

Ministerial Ethics

Teaching about the definition, standards and practical principles of ministerial ethics.

People Skills

Includes: how to lead people correctly, qualities of a leader, how to deal with different and difficult personalities, conflict resolution and effective communication.

Personality Profile

Praise Life

In this course we will see how important biblical praise and worship is for a living relationship with God.

Principles of Leadership

In this course we will look at the practical application of leadership principles and teamwork along with how an organization can be correctly structured.

Project Management

Learn through teaching and practical examples how to plan and prepare a church function of any size.

Pulpit Speech

The student will have the opportunity to develop and preach their own message, which will include all of the necessary “building blocks.“

Supportive Ministry Symposium

Practical understanding of the different areas of supportive ministry.

Youth Ministry

This class answers the questions, what is needed to understand young people better? Also how can we more effectively minister to this generation?